How to Have a Tooth-Friendly Halloween

How to Have a Tooth-Friendly Halloween
Posted on 10/04/2017


With Halloween just around the corner, we know kids all over Austin, TX are getting excited for a night filled with fun, frights, and sweets – but all their teeth may be feeling truly afraid! Unfortunately, the piles of candy that many kids bring home on Halloween can do a number one teeth, eating away at enamel and eventually leading to cavities and decay. At Lone Star Pediatric Dental & Braces, our mission is to help children throughout Austin develop healthy smiles – so here are our tips for a tooth-friendly Halloween.  

Making Halloween Less Scary for Teeth

One of the most important things to realize about the danger of sweets for teeth is that the longer teeth are in contact with sugar, the more damage is done. So even though it may seem to go against the rules of self-restraint, if your child is going to eat Halloween candy, the best thing for their teeth is to have them eat it all at once. Instead of rationing the candy and giving them a few sweets every day for a long time, let them have one night to eat as much candy as they like, then toss the rest. That will quarantine the danger and help keep their teeth healthier in the long-run. 

Another tip is to avoid sticky sweets like taffy or caramels. These stick to the teeth, maintaining a direct exposure to sugar for longer, and thus doing more damage on teeth. Before giving your child the go ahead to dine on their goody bag, try to pick out anything that's obviously sticky and will cling to their teeth for a long time. 

Finally, and here's the most important part – have your child brush and floss their teeth immediately after consuming any candy. The faster they can clear their mouth of the sugar, the less damage to their teeth and the healthier their smile will be.

Contact Your Austin, TX Kids Dentist

With these tips, you can help to mitigate some of the problems that Halloween poses for teeth and help your child have a happy, safe, and healthy Halloween. And of course, if you want to schedule a teeth cleaning for your child after the big day, that can never hurt! Feel free to call us at (512) 676-4444 or book an appointment online to schedule your child for a teeth cleaning and exam. We'll have their teeth shiny, clean, and looking brand new – even if they were gorging on candy just the night before! 

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